Alyssa Pike, RD

Senior Manager, Nutrition Communications

Alyssa Pike is a Registered Dietitian who believes food is meant to be celebrated, not feared. In her role as Senior Manager, Nutrition Communications at the International Food Information Council (IFIC), she monitors nutrition headlines, develops consumer research projects, translates nutrition research into digestible content and serves as a sound resource to media outlets.

Additionally, Alyssa has experience as an eating disorder dietitian where she has encouraged clients to be less judgmental of the foods they eat and to make peace with their body. Through all her experiences, Alyssa intends to help people understand and relate to nutrition information in a more positive yet realistic way.

Alyssa grew up in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and completed her BS in Nutrition through Pennsylvania State University. She then completed a 1200 hour dietetic internship with an emphasis in Nutrition Informatics through the University of Maryland. When Alyssa isn’t talking to people about food and nutrition, she loves to enjoy a good meal with friends and family, paint, read or travel.

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