IFIC enlists academic experts for input, collaborates with credible organizations on its consumer research and serves as a convener and partner with key stakeholders.

Academia and Government

Academic experts participate in IFIC’s governance, advise IFIC staff on the development of its consumer research and science communications programs and help ensure our work is consistent with the state of scientific evidence in nutrition, food safety and agriculture. If you are interested in serving as an expert, please send us a message.

Partner Organizations

We collaborate with credible, independent and recognized organizations and experts to enable us to provide the most accurate information to the public. If your organization is interested in partnering with IFIC, please let us know.

Corporate Stakeholders

In an environment where science so often contends with misinformation and hype, IFIC enables everyone from policymakers to the public to make more informed, science-driven choices about food. If your organization’s work aligns with our mission of promoting evidence-based information about food production and nutrition, consider joining IFIC.