Why Join IFIC?

A Unique Collaboration of Food and Nutrition Science Leaders

As a member of IFIC, you will become part of a collaborative effort to create and communicate science-based information on health, nutrition and food safety. IFIC brings academic, government, and private industry experts together to independently evaluate scientific questions relating to the entire food system, from initial production to the end consumer. Join us and partner with key stakeholders working to elevate the role of evidence in consumers’ food decisions.

Advancing Science Communications Since 1985

For the last four decades, IFIC has been connecting consumers to the science behind what we eat. But our consumer research also does more than that – it provides insights about the consumer mindset and reveals how to effectively share the evidence-based information that equips the public with knowledge to make informed decisions about what to eat and why. Join us in matching our expertise with science communications needs. 

Supporting Evidence-Based Food Decisions

IFIC is dedicated to promoting a scientific basis for the food decisions made by consumers, health professionals and public agencies. Our longstanding relationships with federal government agencies are a result of IFIC’s commitment to a science- and evidence-based mission. The only thing we advocate for is the best available evidence. Join us and combat myths and misperceptions, while building greater trust in our food system. 

If your organization shares our vision of a global environment where credible science drives food policy and consumer choice, we would be proud to have your support.


The Value of Membership

Collaborate to Address the Important Issues

Join a diverse group of stakeholders from government, academia, nonprofits and industry to develop content, drive a research agenda and communicate answers to the big questions facing food producers and consumers.

Engage with other thought leaders on topics such as:

  • the safety and uses of food technology
  • sustainability and modern food production
  • healthful and sustainable eating behaviors
  • the safety and uses of specific ingredients and additives
  • the nutrition science behind dietary protein, fats, carbohydrates, and functional foods
  • the science of nutritive and non-nutritive sweeteners
  • dietary trends and purchase drivers

Through research, communications planning and expert engagement, IFIC working groups identify gaps in awareness across a range of food and health questions. We gather consumer insights, develop creative and timely science-based resources, and engage and inform a range of audiences, including consumers, health professionals, and the broader nutrition and food safety communities.

Gain Deep Insight into Consumer Trends

Learn what today’s consumers want through our diverse and widely respected consumer research program. Gather intelligence from the dozens of consumer surveys on food, health, food production, agriculture and nutrition topics that our research team fields each year, including IFIC’s Food & Health Survey conducted annually since 2006. Our findings are relied upon by government, industry and academic researchers for insights into current consumer attitudes, beliefs and behaviors. Deepen your understanding of consumer trends through access to IFIC’s expertise in survey construction, analysis and communications.

Help Bring Science to the Forefront

In today’s media landscape, false and misleading information about our food and health is everywhere. Uncredentialed messengers promote dubious products across the media landscape and spread food myths in online conversations. Meanwhile, IFIC advances evidence-based information, promotes sound science and elevates what we know to be factual about food and health through frequent media appearances by our in-house experts and original content disseminated through our communications channels. IFIC is active on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and our content hub, Food Insight.

Build Your Network

Expand your professional network by joining IFIC’s forum of experts from academia, government, private industry and non-governmental organizations. Participation in IFIC’s committees builds relationships with peers and partners throughout the international food production, safety and health community. And serving on IFIC working groups provides an opportunity for leadership practice and professional development. Members become part of a global network of professionals working to elevate the science of food, health and nutrition.

Gain Access to Our Resources

IFIC has been building our catalog of food and nutrition science communications for decades. As a member, you receive access to educational tools and content that address the areas of food production, food ingredient safety and nutrition most important to you. Use our fact sheets, primers and other creative assets for training within your own organization, for strategic development or to supplement your own communication efforts.



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